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view 39169 Onsite Supervisor
**1st shift position** SUMMARY OF ONSITE SUPERVISOR: National staffing agency is offering career opportunities to an Onsite Supervisor in the office at Phoenix, AZ. This position requires a high e...
AZ - Phoenix
view 38180 Human Resources Specialist
**Ideal candidate has 3-5 years HR experience in manufacturing** MUST BE BILINGUAL-SPANISH IN ORDER TO EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE WITH ALL EMPLOYEES. POSITION SUMMARY: Manufacturing facility i...
TX - Mcallen
view 37575 Inventory Control Technician
**First shift position** SUMMARY OF INVENTORY CONTROL TECHNICIAN: National Logistics company in McAllen, TX is hiring an Inventory Control Technician who will be responsible for compiling and main...
TX - Mcallen
view 33791 Recruiter Specialist-MA
JOB SUMMARY: Resource Employment Solutions currently has a career opportunity for an experienced Recruiter for Norwood, MA area. Resource is an extremely quality oriented and structured staffing firm...
MA - Norwood

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