Top 5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Temp Agency

Sunday, May 5, 2019   Cesarina   Human Resources, Staffing


It can take time to develop a smooth working relationship with any partner, so you don't want to waste time attempting to work with a temp agency that can't fulfill your ongoing needs. Here are a few factors to consider when hiring a temp agency.

1. Experienced Recruiters

Experienced recruiters are more likely to have developed networks, know exactly where to look to fill your position and be able to quickly ascertain a candidate's capability during application and interview processes.
A feel for candidates developed over time and hundreds of previous placements can mean the difference between a truly stellar temp worker and one who simply gets the job done.

2. A Data-Based Placement Match System

A temp agency should never be a way simply to fill empty positions with warm bodies. You'll pay for a recruiting service and should expect something from that investment.
At Resource Employment Solutions, we use a variety of models and tools, including the Match Staffing System, to find candidates that have the right skill sets, are likely to fit within your company culture and can meet the scheduling needs of your position.

3. Ability to Serve all Your Locations

Some temp agencies limit their geographic service area to a single town or city. If your business has multiple locations or operates outside those parameters, you could find yourself dealing with multiple temp agencies — a situation that can be confusing for HR departments, hiring managers and the temps themselves.
Resource Employment offers nationwide placement capabilities. We also have hundreds of recruiters, so no matter how big your position pool is, we can manage the process of filling it.

4. Flexibility for Filling Different Types of Positions

One-size-fits-all is certainly not an approach your temp agency should take. Flexibility in hiring is a key reason you're turning to a temp staffing service to begin with.
Look for an employment agency that fills short-term needs (positions that last only a few days or weeks), long-term positions (those that last months or even a year) and temp-to-hire positions. It's also a good idea to work with an agency that can fill a variety of position types, including factory and warehouse jobs, office positions and even supervisory positions.

5. A History of Successful Placements in Your Industry

Some industries require very specific soft or hard skills. The requirements for a temporary coder on a development team are obviously very different from the requirements for a temporary receptionist. But the skills and personality traits a car dealership requires from a receptionist are very different from the skills and traits a hospital might require from the same type of worker.
Choose a temp agency that specializes in your industry or has plenty of experience and a proven track record of placing people within the industry.